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Boundary :District
Area (2020)5455.83 km²
Population (2020)1938016
Population Density355 people per km²
Male Population1034263
Female Population903753
Nearest airport & distance (Aerial) km
Nearest Railway Station & Distance (Aerial) km
No of airports1
No of stations15

Hisar District with a population of 1938016. It lies in Haryana state. The district is a major railway, highway and air transport hub served by 1 airports.

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Hisar district

Hisar district is one of the 22 districts of Haryana, India. Hisar city serves as the district headquarters. Hisar district has four sub-divisions that is, Hisar, Barwala, Hansi and Narnaud, each headed by an SDM. The district is also part of Hisar division. The largest district in Haryana until its 1966 reorganization, some parts of Hisar were tra...


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