Data Sources

Data procured from 600+ unique sources to provide a 360-degree view of any location. GeoIQ’s data engines process data from over 600 sources broadly classified as:

Government Sources

Various government departments release data at regular intervals. GeoIQ processes these datasets on a regular basis. These sources include Census, Ministry of Urban and Rural Development reports, Mgnrega reports, NHFS to name a few

Open Data

Open data sources include data made available by municipalities, by open data platforms, and satellite imagery.

Public Listings

Public Listings get updated on a frequent basis and GeoIQ’s engines scan these listings to get information on businesses and their locations, apartments and rentals, classifieds etc.


GeoIQ utilises public and proprietary surveys to validate and ensure data accuracy.

Data Attributes

Enhance the performance of your prediction models and augment your databases by including essential data variables that capture aggregated behaviours at an unprecedented scale. These attributes are broadly categorised as but not limited to:


Population, Age, Gender Distribution, Education, Income, Household size


Housing quality and infrastructure, sanitation facilities, Asset Information and other attributes


Financial Accessibility, Presence of banks, Digital transaction penetrations, Presence of ATMs


Healthcare infrastructure, access to alternate medicine, pharmacies, primary clinics, and hospitals.


Restaurants, Hotels, Landmarks, Places of entertainment, parks, museums and other attributes


Commercial hotspots, Brand Presence, High Streets, Presence of 80+ categories of commercial places


Roads, Transit Opportunities, Public Transport, Schools, Colleges and other attributes

Core Features

Processed, Normalized and Ready to Plug-in Data

Augment your database with ML-ready data at custom aggregation levels. Spatial Data is essentially unstructured and not directly consumable. Our bouquet of algorithms apply proprietary data science and machine learning techniques to disaggregate data and then reaggregate it to any custom geographic level.

Scale of Operation

With 100% coverage across India, GeoIQ is the fastest and easiest platform to segment and identify users based on their location.


The ability to capture behaviors at 100m granularity levels uniformly across the country makes GeoIQ at least 2000x more fine-grained than any other spatial data source. It helps provide a microscopic views of smaller catchments.


Data Security

GeoIQ is committed to securing and encrypting all its account information.

We're ISO-27001, HIPAA, SOC-2 (Type 2) compliant and have multiple security measures in place. You have complete ownership of your data at all times.


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