An incorrect or invalid address could hamper business processes and result in futile efforts, such as an unsuccessful delivery by an e-commerce brand, or difficulty in collections by a lending firm. The issue when looked at in silos does not seem to be drastic but cumulatively can impact businesses massively. By flagging inaccurate and invalid addresses, businesses can save a lot of effort and cost.

Address quality API Functionality

Validate addresses at scale with a system that breaks down an address into different components and verifies each of these elements for correctness


  • Incomplete addresses

  • Invalid addresses

Address Quality

The address quality score and the breakdown of the components are delivered in real-time to create automated corrective decision flows to deliver instant impact to the bottom line.

Match Percentage

When the address inputs for the same user from various sources do not match, the parser flags the mismatches and assigns a match percentage.

Industry Applications


  • Ensure the availability of the user at the right place

  • Judge users for purchase intent

  • Target only correct addresses for smooth collections


  • Streamline deliveries, save cost and effort delivering on wrong addresses

  • Reduce return to origin

  • Limit instances of lost packages


  • Avoid wrong addresses while route planning

  • Validate the reachability and deliverability of addresses

Translate Inconsistencies into Actions

Apart from the applications discussed above, when invalid and incomplete addresses are flagged in the databases, businesses can decide what to do with these addresses.

  • Streamline communications to trigger user actions, whose addresses are incorrect

  • Enrich databases by weeding out fake addresses

  • Rectify addresses that have a higher match percentage, i.e., lesser inconsistencies


Data Security

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