Core Features
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Let the data guide you

You can rely on our data and insights drawn from it. With our bespoke proprietary algorithms, we source data from more than 600 government and public data sources. This data is categorized under 3000+ location variables for easy perusal.

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Eliminate guesswork: Pin-pointed predictions in seconds

Our solution is built to scale and is tuned to your needs. It provides highly accurate predictions through personalized hyperlocal insights within no time.

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360 degree view with the right tools

Empower your expansion team with the right tools to get a 360 degree view of what’s happening. Central dashboards and the Field Assist tool provides an overview of what goes around on-ground.

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Grow with confidence: Street-level prioritization

Get access to hyperlocal street-level intelligence for more than 300 cities across tiers. Micro-markets are passé, we design recommendations for you at granular levels, as small as 100mX100m sized catchments.

The Ultimate Solution For Retail

Retail IQ is an all-encompassing solution for retail that covers everything from site selection to defining the merch-mix of each individual store. From sales and revenue forecasting to enabling intelligent reporting and much more.

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Market Expansion / Site selection
Expand your retail presence at new locations where you can maximize your success rate.
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Hyperlocal Targeting
Identify specific granular catchments to hyperlocally target your digital and OOH initiatives.
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Sales Forecast
Forecast revenue and profit numbers for each probable location based on its attributes.
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Custom models
Create custom prediction models with data discovery built to scale for your use case.
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Merch-mix Prediction
Determine the optimum product mix based on user behavior and patterns at each location.
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Territory planning
Identify your ideal markets at granular levels where your target audience is present.
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Field assist Application
An easy to use application for field force to scout shortlisted locations and coordinate with central teams.
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Interactive report
Interactive dashboard for central teams to monitor and manage field force initiatives.

Learn how lenskart used hyperlocal insight for retail site selection


Data Security

GeoIQ is committed to securing and encrypting all its account information.

We're ISO-27001, HIPAA, SOC-2 (Type 2) compliant and have multiple security measures in place. You have complete ownership of your data at all times.

Our Pricing Plans

Free Plan

For individual and small teams for a lifetime

20 Recommendations

3 Cities

Retail IQ FleetEx

FleetEx Report

5 on-ground location scanned per recommendation

Success Prediction

Upto 1 users

5 Datapoints

Lifetime Free access.


Enterprise Plan

For big teams

20+. Recommendations

3+ Cities

RetailIQ FleetEx

FleetEx Report

FleetEx Analysis

More than 1 user

Ground location scanned per recommendation

Success Prediction

Custom Form Developer

Regional Access


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