See How GeoIQ can Decode a Location and Deliver Insights Real-Time
Let's get in touch to explore what we do with location data. To give you a brief, you could understand user behavior, appetite, and preferences based on their address.
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Enable location intelligence across customer journey
Address Validation
Validate addresses at scale to reduce RTOs in e-commerce, improve collections models for lending, and other use cases in retail, BFSI, and logistics services
Customer Acquistion
Hyper-locally target your digital and OOH marketing initiatives by identifying TG hotspots at street-level
Lead Prioritization
Reinventing discovery and demand management by prioritizing leads basis location data and affluence scores
Site Selection
Revolutionize site selection for retail expansion and get street level site recommendations to maximize profits and minimize risk
Product Recommendations
Map TG characteristics with user geo-identities at specific locations to optimize product recommendations and merch mix prediction
Enrich Prediction Models
Augment existing prediction models with location data to improve risk, fraud, affluence, churn, and revenue prediction among others

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