Location insights made easy

Visualize, analyze and make powerful decisions on location data


⦿ Geospatial Visualisation

Render large scale data efficiency with custom styling options

⦾ Advanced spatial aggregations

⦾ GeoIQ Data repository

⦾ Database connectors

⦾ Widgets

⦾ Share

⦾ Controlled User Access

⦾ Auto Update


For Business Managers & Analysts

GeoIQs platform provides advanced geospatial analytics capabilities that lets businesses solve complex spatial problems, analyse their data and monitor their operations enabling them to understand where and why things happen, optimise business processes and identify new opportunities.

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Identify new territories

  • Analyse your business and opportunity zones with easy insightful visualisations
  • Add GeoIQ’s proprietary data layers to understand which locations work best for your business
  • Identify new areas of opportunity based on the most relevant datasets
  • Find zones with low competition and low realty cost.
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Monitor operational activities

  • Build real time dashboards to monitor on ground activity Compare marketing and sales territories.
  • Compare marketing and sales territories.
  • Plan and optimize territories
  • One dashboard, multiple views.
  • Centrally Controlled Dashboard with boundary based access to teams
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Product Security

  • Data security is at the core of our product. In order to ensure that our customers data is absolutely secure, we adhere to several standards and diligently follow protocols to protect your data.
  • We have a number of guidelines in place and review privacy policies and security policies regularly.
  • Our customers can maintain tight control over who has access to their data within the enterprise. Create multiple teams in the same account, with access control of data and dashboards.
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