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Be location aware with our APIs

GeoIQ's APIs provide information on whether given coordinates lie within or outside a containment zone, or if there are containment zones nearby. This information is currently available for and new districts are being added everyday.

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How do credits work

Location Check API - 1 credit for 1 geocoordinate
Nearby Zones API - 5 credits for 1 geocoordinate
PIN Code check API - 20 credits per PIN code. If the containment zone data is not available for the requested code, only 1 credit will be charged.
Available Cities API - 0 credits for 1 request

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GeoIQ tracks information from government bodies to identify the containment zones. While some cities release exact addresses, others block out wards with containment zones. GeoIQ processes the addresses and creates geofences based on the available information. The detailed list of sources is available.

Update Frequency

Data is being released with a frequency of once a day to once in a week, depending on the city/state. Once the data is released, GeoIQ gets it updated within 24 hours.


GeoIQ aims to provide the latest, most complete, and accurate information by using data from multiple government sources. Reporting times, frequency of updates vary by source. There may be a delay of upto 24 hours before the update on the government source reflects in our data. The data is only indicative and drawn to the best of our estimate of the containment zone, especially where no directive has been provided on the boundaries of containment zones. This data should not be considered a replacement of ground truth.

Map of Containment Zones

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