Precision consumer insights
with clean location data

Street-level granularity. Always up to date.

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Powering retail 2.0

Location awareness drives growth

When your customer is constantly on the move, you need an eye on what happens on a street on a day-to-day basis. GeoIQ's gathers multiple datastreams and attributes them to a Location.

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One view, multiple answers

Visualize Your Sales

Get real-time broadcast of where your customers buy your products

Identify Target Group

With access to GeoIQ's data streams, know where exactly you need to focus

Know Competition

Get a view of how other similar businesses are clustered in a neighbourhood

Evaluate Potentials

GeoIQ's proprietary algorithms analyse spend potentials on a granular basis

Calculate Marketing ROI

GeoIQ shows you how your customers reacted to your targeted online campaigns

Minimise response time

React to changes in your market with objective information from our updated datasets

Bridge gap between data analysis and decisions

People graph

Demographic interest distribution down to a street level

Location attributes

Wealth, property values, business clustering down to an exact point

Countrywide data

Area-level aggregations at a grid, pincode, administrative boundary, city or state


Watch smart geographies bring context that spreadsheet could never do

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